Billy and I started the band "Soul Sensations" in 1966 and played everywhere in Kentucky.  Billy and I were reared in the Chrisitan faith.  When we left home for college, he trained to be a pharmacist and I accepted the call to be a pastor in the ministry.  Over the years Billy's faith has deepened and he expresses it in the music he writes to honor God.  After, selling his drug stores to Rite Aide, he spends much of his time in music ministry.  He is a good man and I am forever inspired by his faith in God.  Listen to his music in the recording below.  I hope it helps you as much as it has inspired me. 
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People are no longer happy in America.  That's what some people are saying.  Life seems dark and cold to some people.  "Life is never going to get better" is the mantra of some people.  What happened to America?  In 1995, when the Internet was turned on, I believe the "soul of darkness" entered our world and turned the hearts of some men and women into stone figuratively.  By this time, in my coaching and cognitive training practice, I had trained over 10,000 people.  When, what I called the "soul of darkness" entered our planet people changed in ways I had never before seen.  It was as though their human spirits were departing their bodies and being chased away by an unseen force.  This unseen force, "the "soul of darkness", I renamed and defined with a more clinical term I called Chronic Critcal Compression.  While working with my clients, I discovered five different stages of Chronic Critcal Compression with the 5th stage leading to death.  Chronic Critical Compression is an "ever present experience or set of experiences" that calcifies the spirtual heart of human beings.  As evil and sadistic as it is, there are ways to conquer it.  I devised two simple quizzes that can help determine if Chronic Critical Compression has it's grip on youThese quizzes are extremely simple yet reveal complex data when evaluated.  Click the graphic above and visit the page with a portal to these two quizzes. 
I am not suggesting the internet is evil.  I am suggesting the response and reaction of some people to the internet has led to negative consequences in the lives of some peopleJohn Rodgers, Founder of Chronic Critical Compression 
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150 million Christians in America will come together to worship Christ this Sunday.  Another 50 million Christians will stay home and participate in a worship service on television.  Another, 50 million Christians will be with their families traveling and holding thier faith in Christ close to their hearts.  Millions of other Americans will be examining their lives as they consider returning to their childhood faith.  People everywhere in the world feel like they have been abandoned, forsaken and forgotten.  Some have become bitter, angry and violent.  If you are experiencing pain, agony and suffering, Christians believe Christ can help you.  They believe you can have a better life when you follow the law of love Christ introduced to the world over 2,000 years ago.  Christians practice their faith like physicians practice medicine.  They are not always successful in applying the law of love.  But, most keep trying and this makes them better people than they would be if they did not try at all.

The book entitled "The Answer:  What Is The Meaning Of Life" details how a little child's faith in Christ made it possible for him to endure a life that no child should have to live.  It's only twenty pages but it shows why Christians depend on their faith in Christ to help them get through each day.  You can have a free copy of this book, as long as supplies are available, by sending an email to news@hikespointnews.com .  We will mail your copy to the address you send us. 

When the madmen of this world have destroyed one another, Christians will still be here just as they were present during the time of the fall of the Roman Empire.  Chrisitans believe faith is more powerful than bombs and bullets.  They also believe Christ' love last forever.  Christians believe when you truly discover the power of Christ' love, you will be able to conquer the sorrow that is in your heart.   Christianity is the most dominant force in the world. This is why others try to destroy Christians.  But, Christians support one another, their communities, their local, state and federal governments.   Christians are not here to conquer anything or anyone but themselves.  Christians try to defeat the ugly parts of their lives and replace it with the beauty of Christ' love.  Every generation has tried to enslave Christians and persecute them.  But, Christians grow stronger and stronger and stronger.  Read the little book "The Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Life" and you will understand why Christians are the most powerful people on the face of the earth.  They will never surrender to any force that would attempt to separate them from their love of Christ.  Christians believe their power is rooted in love for all people and their love for Jesus Christ.

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Just Because You Don't Believe,  It does Not Mean It Is Not True

Albert Einstein said in 1954, "The Word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness.  The Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which are nevertheless pretty childish
John Rodgers, the Publisher of Hikes Point News said. " I was born one year before Einstein's great pronouncement about God.  The Bible, which Einstein discredits as the folly of man says,  "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  It also says.  "The fool hath said there is no God".  Einstein's arrogant statements are offensive to billions of people who have called this planet home.  By these statements Einstein attempts to elevate himself not only higher than every man and woman but also higher than God.  It would seem it was his unfortunate burden to suffer with the "Lucifer Complex."  Lucifer too wanted to be God and saw himself greater than God.  But, to Einstein and others who share his opinions I can only say, "Just because you don't believe, it does not mean it is not true.
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