Some of you found the love of your life a long time ago.  Others are still looking and hoping to fnd the woman or man that will rekindle a fire inside you

Van Morrison's song "Someone Like You" reveals the heartache found in looking for that perfect person of your dreams. 

I was once married to a physician who was beautiful and intelligent.  I was also married to a gorgeous and artistic woman who could have been Ms. America.  Both of these women loved me and I loved them.  Both marriages ended in divorce. 

During the divorce proceedings I asked myself over and over again, "What went wrong?  What could I have done to save the marriage?  Why did it end?"  The answer is simple.  We were not friends.  Friends forgive and forget and try to make life better for one another.

Now, at this time in my life I would rather be with a female friend that is content to love me as a friend than be with a woman who wants to be my wife.

On Valentines Day I hope to sit at a table in a restaurant with my long time female friend and have a small lunch.  We will drink coffee and share recent events and some old memories too.   I will watch her as she tilts her head and makes her perfect smile.  She will reach across the table and place her hand on the top of mine and say,  "I love you.  Are you still my special Valentine?"  This is her cue to let me know she is ready to go.  As I watch her walk away toward the exit door I will think how lucky I am to have someone like you.

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Writer, John Rodgers