In 1996 Jeremy Riffen wrote the book The End Of Work.  He forecast how Americam would evolve to the state that it is today.   His forcast  was right in all areas.  He said jobs would disappear and the government would have to give each idled worker a stipend on which to live.  Today on Yahoo News billionaire Richard Goss suggested that it was time for our government to activate UBI or Univeral Basic Income.  Robots have taken over and soon many of our jobs will be performed by robots. There will be no work for anyone. Gross also said, "if you think this is socialism you are right.  Get use to it".  This is not Sci-Fi in the future.  This is now.  No one likes to think about this and small business owners do not want anyone to talk about this.  No one wants to admit that the world we knew as small children is gone.  Everyone around the world will be afftected by this change.  Even the very rich wil not be immune to the deep fiancial losses expected to occur.  Most everyone has a feeling deep inside their gut that something big is going on and something extremely powerful is going to change the world.  I will talk about this in another article, The 2nd Coming of America.  We can still run successful businesses.  We will just have to make some changes.  Later i will add a video from 1906 that shows how American life was four days before the great San Francisco earthquake.  None of those people at that time could imagine a life as we live it today.  We are about to experience a paradigm shift that is just as great

Please allow me to share with you the following story.

The End of Work

I was using the computer in the Bon Air Regional Library when I received a phone call from my brother.  It was 2007.  The day was like all the other days I had spent in the library.  But, this call was very different.  "Hello" I said.  "John this is Danny.  I got some very bad news to share with you.  Dad, Mom and Freddy were all killed in a traffic accident on highway 127 near Hustionville."

You could have never convinced me that would ever happen.  I expected mom and dad to die at home at the age of ninety.  Everything about the accident was strange, odd and unusual.   I see this same type of strangeness in America.  Many people have a feeling that all of our lives are about to be changed by unknown and unseen forces that lurk in the dark ahead of us.  Everything comes to an end but we never expect it and we are never prepared for it.  Now we are told the end of work is coming.

The End of Work sounds scary.  If there is no work how will business owners sell their goods and services to people?  I talked with an 82 year old man who has five stores in three states.  He sells buggy whips.  Not really but what he is selling in his stores are as useless as buggy whips.  Technology has taken over his business.  The products he sells are now available for free.  It's just a matter of time until it becomes necessary for him to pull the plug and lay off his 120 employees.

We are experiencing a type of change that has never before occurred in history.  Our history is all about change.  But, this change is going to be different.  Our leaders in the government have been passing laws in order to clear the way for this change.  Our President has been writing Executive Orders that clears the way for this change.  But these laws make no sense and contradict all of our founding principles.  Leaders we have trusted and personally known for years have voted yes for these laws.  Many people are frightened.  They think the new global government is going to enslave all of us. (Big Brother Super Sized)  Our leaders seem to be giving away our sovereignty and setting us up to be subjects who would be accountable to the laws of a one world government or the United Nations.  If this is true, there is very little anyone can do to change it if you want to stay around here and breath in and out.  It would take many years of planinng to be able to place people in the right positions in order to pull off such a change.  But, is it bad or do our leaders have information that is so frightening that their actions are necessary in order for us to survive?


I am holding out hope that what is happening is not a repeat of those years when Stalin killed 30 million people.  Instead, what I hope is occurring is we are all going to experience a universal flip in consciousness (the way we think about the meaning of life) and fish are going to walk out of the sea.  Do you think fish can walk on dry land.  No.  But, I believe this is what we are being prepared to experience.  No I do not mean fish will literally leave the sea and walk on dry land.  I mean something is going to happen that is so outside of our way of thinking, it will force us to look at how we live life and how we define life as a meaningful experience.

I am not talking about pole changes.  I am suggesting our leaders have information that is so extraordinary and so difficult to share, it would be impossible to maintain order and civility if it became known.  No, I not inferring they are speaking to aliens from outer space.  I am suggesting this.  A change has occurred on our planet that is so profound it will be impossible to continue a way of thinking and being that once was quiet comfortable for us.  It is something that can render much of the work we do as unnecessary.  This is enough to create upheaval, unrest, panic and violence.  Fear sets in.  Lies are told.  Accusations are made.  Paranoia infects the multitudes and imaginations escalate until something beautiful and positive is turned into a three headed demon the populous feels it must fight against.  This is why our leaders are working fast to put the tools in place to stop the people from hurting themselves and destroying the fish that is about to walk on dry land.

Everything that introduced the 20th century is gone.  All those people are gone.  Soon many of us will leave.  Every new age gets to decide what's best and and what's better.  This is where we are all standing.  Something beautiful is coming if you are not afraid.  But, some may see it as ugly and dangerous and evil.  It is easy to throw around the words good and evil.  This person is good but this man is evil.  What is coming has no interest in good or evil.  It is only satisfied with what works. 

Yes, there are evil people in our world who want to harm us, control us, take away our freedom and our dignity.  But, even though these people think they have an iniside track to higher knowledge, they too are not prepared for what is coming.  It will render all their evil intentions useless.  They will fail to reach their goal of world dominance?  Why?  Because, I believe something remarkable is about to happen to all the people on this planet.  No, I don't have prior knowledge and no one has spoken to me.  I simply remember history.  Everytime there has been great evil perputrated upon the masses, something greater than that evil has always intervened to keep our species moving forward toward the future.  The social engineering of the past sixty years has destroyed our families, marriage, schools, churches and has placed a mark on every child born during this time.  This social engineering has turned honest, God fearing people, who had repect for the law, respect for their parents, friends and neighbors and love for their country and community into a souless generation of lawless creatures with a limited sense of an idenity.  To many people today do not know who they are or even care.  This is evil.

 Allow me to summarize.  Your lifestyle may not survive the change that is coming, but, if you embrace the change and push fear away, you might find an even better life ahead for you. 
Click the graphic above and listen, watch and critique the video Everyone Has Gone To The Moon by Chad and Jeremy from the 60's
Writer, John Rodgers, Publisher  Written in 2012