The story below is fiction but many people from all walks of life believe America will fall in the near future.  (This story was written in 2012 and has been updated to include recent events.) Hundreds of wealthy people (now thousands), (the elite have purchased land in high sea level countries and operate their companies while living outside of America.) have renounced their American citizenship and have moved to other countries because they believe the future of America is bleak.  They believe it will soon be a Prison State and the WALL so many want built will be built to keep them in rather than keep others out. The stalling by Republicans, that control all branches of government are taking limited actions to change anything for the American people.  The President makes big announcements that jobs are coming back to America but the hope he offers is just around the corner.  It seems as though, we are being distracted while everything is put in place for the final destruction of America.  Threats of World War lll are being echoed in every corner of the world.  What is really happening?  Are we headed for World War Three?  Read this fictional story and reflect about our future.


When the Global Equalization Treaty was signed on the steps of the Washington Monument in May of 2017 no one was present to witness it.  The city had been bombed and most of the inhabitants had been evacuated to other parts of the country.  (America had been invaded from the north, south, east and west.  The America people lost a war they never saw coming.  America had fallen and was occupied.)   The winners of the war made sure every 'fallen servant" (the new name for American citizens) watched the ceremony on public screens which televised the event.  This treaty gave our conquerers the right to do whatever they wanted to do with anything and anyone left in what used to be known as America.  The defeated promised to cooperate in exchange for their lives.  All across the world people cheered and celebrated the defeat of America.  Most people around the world not only hated America, they hated the people in America. 

For sixty years American citizens had lived in excess and binged on the fruits of the land which other people in other lands paid for with their health and their lives.  But, most Americans never thought about what their foreign policy and their life of luxury was doing to injure and destroy children, adults and families in other less fortunate countries.  Now America was no longer a country and the American people were not less fortunate than the rest of the world, they were slaves. 

The selfishness of the American people finally brought down the country.  In the last five years before the fall of America, the people fought and competed for power.  Each special interest group wanted more and wanted to control more of the government.  Each special interest group wanted their group to get more government entitlements than another interest group.  A new morality was invented and America had taken God out of every part of their lives.  Most of the churches were closed before the war ended.  Six months after the war was over every church building in America had been demolished and trees were planted on the vacant lots. 

In their slavery, Americans or the "new fallen servants" were free to live their lives anyway they chose.  The conquerers sectioned people off in areas and left them to their own demise.  There were no police and no security.  It is funny but mostly sad.  Thousands of people in Louisville fled to the most eastern part of Jefferson County thinking they might escape the violence and the decadence that persisted day after day in our city of possibilities.  But after the war they too were thrown into the same ghettos as those who lived west of Shelbyville Road.

Nothing mattered anymore.  Men were free to marry men.  Women were free to marry women.  Everyone looked the other way when a baby was born.  No one wanted to know the final outcome.  Survival of the fittest was the law of the fallen servant.  The conquerers took no violent actions against the survivors of the war.  They left them along to destroy one another.  The common view of the conquerering elite was, "let them steal, kill and rape one another until they are all gone."

There were no jobs.  There was nothing.  There were no food or grocery stores.  Men and women became prostitutes for the conquerors just to get food and water for their families.  Prostitution was almost the only means of getting anything necessary to stay alive.  Husbands, wives, sons and daughters became prostitutes for the conquerers in order to have food and water. 

The sounds of screams and thugs were heard throughout the day in neighborhoods across America.  People killed each other for food medicine and water.  Convoys of armored vehicles drove through the neighborhoods each evening to pick up the bodies that had been left on the streets each day. 

From 2012 to 2017 America had gone from the greatest nation on earth to what people outside of America called the "gateway to hell.


WRITER JOHN RODGERS  Written in 2013


Click the graphic below and review and critque the video America by Simon and Garfunkgle.  Does it describe Americas next lost generation. Will they ever know or find America.  Do you think this video is a fair description of the events that are depicted.  Do you think the message has relevance today?