There is more going on in this world than we can see, hear, or imagine.  This is especially true if you spend too much time in the woods.  As a child I escaped to the woods behind our log house to be alone.  I remember playing in the woods when I was four. But, I was there almost daily from the age of six until I was elven.  I felt safe in the woods with the birds, squirrels, rabbits and my dog Randy. 
But, there were others there in the woods too.  Maybe it was just the imagination of a small child or my need to create strange imaginary friends.  But there were orbs present that danced through the air.  They would go up, down and spin in place allowing me to see up close their structure.  After, what seemed to be a dance performance, they disappeared instantly as if they were never there.  I did not think about how the orbs disappeared so quickly.  I just moved on to another activity in the woods because I knew they would return. The orbs returned everyday to play in the woods until I reached the age of nine.  After my ninth birthday, they never returned. 
As a child's brain develops and grows from birth to the age of nine, it functions at a slower brain speed than that of an adult.  At this lower level speed, the brain interprets data that an older brain can not sense because the older brain is operating at a faster speed.  Therefore, the conscious mind does not identify data being fed to it at a lower speed.  Thus, the imaginary friends and orbs can no longer be detected. 
Birth until nine can be the most amazing and beautiful time in a human being's life.  This is the time when a person is as free as they are ever going to be.  Once a child transitions into puberty, then to adolescence and adulthood they become slaves to time.  All their functions and activities are dictated around time.  They move at the speed of the ticking clock.  They are lifetime members in the Tic Toc Club.  Time determines when they sleep, eat, work and play.  Time moves people around like they are Pawns on a chess board.  All the while humans are pushed around by time, they have this urgent feeling inside that they are running out of time. But, it is not time they are losing.  It is life.  They are running out of life.  Most people move through their lives being tortured by the fear of dying and feeling helpless to stop their certain deaths. 
However, there is a way to avoid death.  But, you have to "go out of your mind" in order to go into the heavens of eternity.  The tool you need to leave your mind and enter eternity is Deep Trance, Bi Location, Trans Sup-positional Reasoning.  With this tool, you can temporarily or permanently return the speed of your brain back to the brain speed of a four year old child.   Once this is accomplished, the orbs will return and other unknowns that have been around all of your lifetime.  But, your adult brain was unable to detect the presence of these "others". 
At the moment of death when the brain begins to shut down, if you are able to activate Deep Trance, Bi Location, Trans Sup-positional Reasoning before the speed of the brain drops below level three, you can transfer your essence and identity from your physical body into pure energy and leave Tic Toc forever,   You will be free.  You can not be restrained.  You have no boundaries.  For you there is no north, south, east or west.  There is no beginning or end.  You will have become one of the dancing orbs I saw in the woods whose lives go on forever. 
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