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Jim Berry has been in the body shop business since 1977 and he and his company are one of the most respected and trusted collision centers in Louisville.  He started his business, Southwest Body Shop, in PLeaure Ridge Park and also raised his family in PRP.   Two of his sons work in his current collision center and another is a Regional Manager in one of our largest local banks.

Jim started his collision career at age 19 while working for Neil Huffman.  He received his training in the body shop classes at vocational school.  Two of his other businesses are race horses and race cars.  He likes things that run fast.  Over the years Jim has raced five different horses.  Going out to the farm and watching them train was one of his most favorite times to relax.  But, on a faster side, Jim is a well known racer car driver.  He has competed and won races at Louisville Motor Speed Way, Kentucky Motor Sports Way and the Sports Drone Speedway.  He raced from 1990 to 2005. 

In time he will retire and trust his sons to take his business to the next level.  Both have the experience, talent and skill to move the company as far into the future as they desire.   Jim has three sons and one daughter.  Jim is a good man who has applied the basic commonsense values that has make America strong.  Treat people right, tell the truth, do the best job you can and always put your customer first.

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