Hi, I'm John Rodgers and I want to tell you about the Hikes Point News Business Movement that is sweeping our 11 County Economic Development Area This movement started in the HIkes Point business district and spread through Louisville and all of Jefferson County, Kentucky.  Now it is spreading to southern Indiana and to the counties and small towns that border the metropolitan area of Louisville, KentuckyThere are a total of 11 counties that are blazing a new trail to economic prosperity as participants in the Hikes Point News Business Movement. This area includes a population of over one million people.
Businesses on both sides of the Ohio River are opening new virtual businesses in the Town Square located inside the Hikes Point News America online magazine.  These businesses trade with one another and also benefit from each others customers.  People go online to Hikes Point News America to find Deals of the Day and Coupons that can save them money.  
Customers visit the Town Square Barber or Town Square Shoe Store and a number of other businesses.  Some visit the Town Square Pharmacy, the Town Square Tennis Shop or the Town Square Men's Store.  Or, they visit the Town Square Pet Shop to schedule a hair cut for their dog.  Everyone is shopping online now in addition to shopping in the brick and mortar businesses. 
People shop in the Hikes Point News America Town Square because it is warm, friendly, cozy and they know they can trust the merchants.  Each store backs up their services and products.  While shopping in the Hikes Point News America Town Square, some folks like to go to the Town Square Theater and watch a movie.  Others enjoy visiting the Town Square Music Shop and listening to music.  Also, people who like videos can visit the Town Square Video Store.  While moms are visiting the Town Square Beauty Salon, the kids can play at the Town Square Children's Center.  They can watch cartoons, color, and there is a workbook with over 100 projects children can complete with the help of mom, dad or their grand parents. 
The Hikes Point News Town Square offers the business owners and the customers a shopping experience that is pleasant without the chaos and rudeness of grumpy people.  The Town Square inside the Hikes Point News America online magazine is the cornerstone of the Hikes Point News Business Movement.  What is the Hikes Point News Business Movement?  It is a movement back to honesty, trust, decency, respect and community.  Business people and customers both are tired of the lies, deceit, half truths and the way some businesses hustle their customers. 
The Hikes Point News Business Movement is about developing friendships and respect with your customers.  It is about the business owner caring about the people who shop in their store before they think about making money from their purchases.  It is about the joy of helping a customer find that perfect gift, or select the best cut of meat, or when selling customers shoes to make sure the left shoe is just as snug as the right one.  The Hikes Point News Business Movement is about caring about the customer and being genuine with each customer and no phony smiles.  The Hikes Point News Business Movement is about holding on to the business values that made business successful in the 20th century while trying to implement more modern ways of expressing gratitude to customers in the 21st century.  The Hikes Point News Business Movement is about having time... to take the time to find that perfect item and leaving the store without ever feeling rushed.  Fast and quick is not always better.  It is okay to savor the shopping experience. 
The Hikes Point News Business Movement is about providing customers with warm, inviting displays that make customers want to linger longer inside each store.  The Hikes Point News Business Movement is about making shopping once again an "event" and not a chore that has to be completed. 
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