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This is an entertaining theory...

George Harris, of the Beatles, knowing he was dying from cancer, wondered out loud and said, "people spend their time and energy trying to amuse themselves all the while their bodies are dying and their lives are disappearing before their very eyes.  What if people spent more time trying to find a cure for death?"  George died soon after he made these comments.  Is there life after death?  Every religion teaches we will go to another place after our life is finished here.  But, why do we have to die?  Why can't we live forever?  Maybe we can.  I will return soon to finish this article.  Thank you.

I'm back.  I think we will discover how to end death.  It could happen at anytime now.  When our genetic researchers find the "begin again gene",( a word I invented) eternal life will become possible.  The "begin again gene" could also be referred to as the essential reboot file that enables scientist to reverse the aging process back to a specific time.  For example, maybe you would like to be 29 and stay that way in appearance forever, yet grow intellectually daily.  This will be possible in time.  Do you not find it odd that we keep trying to recreate ourselves.  The computer is obviously a manifestation of ourselves.  We behave and function like a computer and the computer acts like us.  We text now rather than talk.  Text messaging seems more like a function of a machine than a human.  In the past humans communicated using their five senses and by receiving feedback from voice recognition and intuitive readings of another person's body lanquage. Too many people now do not want to talk on the phone or even hear another person's voice.  What is happening to us and how will we continue to define ourselves in the future.   What we are now calling genes that house millions of pieces of data could later be recognized as files and folders containing the secrets of life.  Is the advancement in robotics simply the duplication of ourselves?  Within ten years or less we could be commercially cloning animals, humans and living with robots in personal relationships.  New laws could be passed to give robots rights and citizenship.  If this happens, people will begin to asked are we a human species or are we organic, mechanical, devices that contain files, programs, chips, and genes that tells us we are a human species.  Why are we so determined to create robots which will put millions of people out of work and change our entire civilization.  Could it be that the creation of robots that look identical to humans are our new way of procreation?  It appears eternal life is just around the corner, if you can stick around long enough to partake in it.




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