This story was written before the 2016 election of the President

The results of the next election for President will determine whether we remain free people or become slaves to poverty and unjust laws.  The middle class is almost gone and we have become a divided nation of the elite rich and the downtrodden poor.  It has been determined by some of the economic "experts" that if you have a net worth less than $500 hundred-thousand dollars you are a part of the downtrodden poor.  Plus, the money you earn in the upcoming years will be heavily taxed and again, the "experts" say the price for basic goods and services will be out of reach for some   The results of our next presidential election will determine if our grand children and great grand children grow up in a country that offers no hope under a new flag yet to be determinedThe decision that each of us make at the voting booth soon will determine if we have a bleak future or a future of hope.  I have always managed my life from a position of hope.   I expect to prosper and help the Hikes Point News family of advertisers prosper too in any future that presents itself,   However, I can not deny, that for some in America, this is a time of darkness and death I know darkness.  I know sorrow.  As a minister, I have looked into the eyes of the broken and the defeated too many times as I laid their loved ones to rest.  I have buried stillborn twins in tiny graves and I have walked the funeral march with a father and mother whose teenage daughter had been raped and her body broken into pieces and stuffed into a trash can.  I have read the scripture of Christ saying, "Let not your hearts be troubled" to the broken hearted who asked, "Why my son?  Why my daughter?  Why my husband?  Why my wife?  The darkness I have seen in the eyes of the parents who lost their children I now see in the eyes of people in America.  They asked.  "Why did I lose my house?  Why was I fired from my job?  Why did my wife leave me?  Why did my business fail?"  It seems like we are surrounded now by demons and devils...and too many of us live in fear.
I have seen the devil and he looks like some of the people I see in everyday lifeAs a country we are destroying one anotherAs a country we have abandoned one another.   As a country we have betrayed ourselves and the basic rules of civility.  As a country, again, in the opinion of the so called "experts", we have raised up a generation, that can not think, will not work and serve only themselvesAs a country we are lost and we have been conquered from within by our own selfish lust to please ourselves.  I asked myself, "is it true"?  Are we ripe and ready to be picked and conquered?  Political enthusiasts have said the results of this next presidential election will seal our fate for the next 100 years.  Your vote or your unwillingness to vote will determine if we are still America or if we become an un-soverign, borderless mass of land.  I will not tell you how to vote.  You will have to figure that out for yourself.  But, please vote.  Encourage everyone you know, who is quaified, to vote.  To all the Hikes Point News Family of Advertisers I say put a sign in your store or office that says, VOTE.   I have lived in the generation that witnessed some of the worst and best times in America.  In each decade, since the 50's, my generation has faced down the enemies of freedom and won.   Even now I am full of hope and determination...not despair.   Even though hanging on to freedom is like trying to catch the wind, I believe together, we can keep freedom alive for one another, our children, grand children and our great grand children.  I truly believe in you and I believe together we will win...when we all vote.
The above article was written before the 2016 election.  Now it is 2021 and it seems that the votes of 75 million Americans in the 2020 Presidential Election have been stolen.  Hanging on to freedom is now the biggest challenge for the people of America.



Click the graphic above and listen to Donovan sing Trying To Catch The Wind.  As you listen critique the lyrics and the melody and pray, meditate or think in silence about the kind of future you want for America. 
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