How many times have you heard a small busienss owner say, "we are the best kept secret in town.  If people knew about our business, they would be knocking our doors down to shop with us".  Six years ago Hikes Point News was just a thought inside my head.  Now it is the number one digest sized magazine published in the state.  Hikes Point News is known all over Kentucky and especially in Louisville.  It is the top magazine in it's category.   High profile people allow me to interview them and featured them in our magazine because they have confidence and beleive in Hikes Point News . How has Hikes Point News been able to become so well known and attract so many high profile people?  Hikes Point News is successful because I have used "Mixed Bag Marketing and Advertising".to promote Hikes Point News.  Now I want to use my Mixed Bag Marketing and Advertising to help you grow your business. 

Every minute hundreds of businesses close that are "the best kept secrets in town".  These businesses close because the business owner does not understand how easy the power of Mixed Bag Marketing and Advertising can grow their business.

Right now thousands of small business owners are hoping someone will buy their business.  These business owners are exhaused and are out of ideas on how to improve their businesses.  They are burnt out.  Some have not been able to build a retirement income and therefore they can not close their busienss but some can no longer tolerate operating their businesses.  Some of these people will be penniless soon.  Some will be drawing disability checks and food stamps.  Some will lose everything they have because they failed to act soon enough to save their businesses.  Businesses do not kill themselves.  They do not commit suicide.  The life of a business is ended by a business owner who lacks the skills, knowledge and faith to save their business.

I know dentists, doctors, counselors, chiropractors, engineers, school teachers, preachers, professors, CEO's, independent business owners and people from all walks of life who were once successful but are now penniless, homeless, living on welfare, getting food stamps and have no hope of life ever getting better.  It is tragic to look into their eyes and see darkness.  It is as though the light of life has left their bodies and only a shell is left.  I am not trying to be dramatic.  This is how life is for millions of people who were once successful.  Do not let this happen to you.  Work with me and together let's give your buisness the help and support it needs to thrive and prosper.  You can start helping your business by getting an article about your buisness published in my new section of the magazine called "The Best Kept Secret In Town."  Call me and let's get started on your story.

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