Click the photo above and listen and critique Buffalo Springfield's song "For What It's Worth".

Most of the young men who served in the military (almost 2 million) during the Vietnam War volunteered.  Of those young men who were drafted, 35% where killed in battle.  Lots of protest songs were recorded during this era. One song by Credence Clearwater Revival was called Fortunate Son.  It implied that if you were rich or the son of a Congressman or Senator you could avoid the war.  There was some truth to this.  However, many young men from all the the social classes participated on the battlefields of Vietnam.  The generation of young men who fought in Vietnam came from the fathers who had fought in Korea and in World War ll.  Men, at that time believed it was their duty to fight for thelr country and defend the freedom of everyday Americans against the evils of Communism.  It was an odd and horrific time