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Purnell's "Old Foks Sausage" Is Simpsonville's Greatest Distinction




Allen Purnell, founder, Purnell Old Folks Sausage
Al Purnell here...click our photo above to visit our online store and to pick up a pound or two of "Old Folks Sausage".  Because, "It's gooo-od".

John Rodgers, the Publisher of Hikes Point News and Allen Purnell, founder of Purnell's Old Folks Sausage are laughing about the country boy days when one of their chores was to slop the hogs (feed the hogs) each day. It was common for some country folk to keep a slop bucket sitting in a corner in the kitchen so scraps from the dinner table could be placed in the slop bucket.  (this is real old time country)  One Sunday after all the fried chicken and pork chops had been eaten, John's grandma asked John to fetch the slop bucket.  John turned to his left and then to his right and could not see it.  He started backing away from the table and said, "grandma I can't see the slop bucket. "  As these words left John's mouth a course of people getting up from the table cried out to John.  "Don't step in the slop bucket John".  But, it was too late.   John's right foot and his leg all the way up to his knee were deep in pig slop.  This is why both men above are laughing.  The incident was not uncommon on the farm. Click the photo above and go to the Purnell Sausage website to see what items you would like to take home for dinner.

NOTE:  The Purnell family moved their business from Mellwood Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky to Simpsonville, Kentucky in 1955.  The family built a new plant with its own sewage and water treatment system.  The population of Simpsonville was 250.  Purnell's Sausage helped to make Simpsonville a place of distinction.  Some also say that when Purnell's Sausage made the move to Simpsonville, the town became the "sausage  capitol of the world.  Other sausage compaines in Nashville might disagree.  However, Purnell's sausage is sold in half of the states in America in major grocery stores, box stores and stores where groceries are sold.

Read the Purnell Old Folks Sausage story in the digital copy of the print magazine.  Also take a look at the section promoting our great town of Simipsonville.  Y'all come visit with us We have some of the best Bar B  Q anywhere in the state at Willie's Bar B Q  and you can sit down for the best meal in the United States at the Old Stone Inn. Come see us.  It's a short drive down i-64 from Louisville. The  Bluegrass Outlet Mall is located in Simpsonville.  Be sure to visit the mall and do not leave Simpsonville until you have driven down Main Street and given folks a chance to throw up their arms and wave at you for a goold old fashion welcome.  Come see us.   Al Purnell.




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