In the 90's I had reached a level of success where I felt I no longer needed to work.  I have always been a searcher so I decided to seek out new knowledge.  But, I did not have to travel far to find the knowledge I was seeking.  It came to me.  I bumped into it or found it in books while drinking coffee in bookstores

The provocative information seemed to jump out at me.  I began to study the occult and decided most of those who practiced it were insane.  I sought the advice of a monk and from him I found what seemed to be a future hidden inside my mind.  He said the future was inside the minds of everyone.   I began to meditate and practice Remote Viewing.  Others call it Remote Sensing. 

This practice heightened my ability to remember dreams and experience awake dreaming.  I am sure this sounds like nonsense to you and that is okay with me.  But the mind is the most powerful force on earth.  I will not explain the dream process but nothing is more amazing and more vibrant and more alive than a dream happening in real time.

I recorded many dreams and visions.  I was present in my dreams and watched as each episode contibuted to the message inside of the story.

Here is one dream I want to share with you. 

I was high above the clouds and I saw a machine moving across the sky.  I saw a cockpit with three people from three separate continents on the earth.  They were hunting ebony and ivory.  I heard rumbling down below as though a stamped of cattle were running across an open field.  At first the clouds blocked my view.  But as the moving machine began to descend and the clouds began to separate I saw them.

It was not cattle or horses but it was people running for their lives.  Other moving machines where already below firing rounds of bullets into the herd of people.  The bullets did horrible things to the bodies of the men, women and children who tired to flee from the moving machines.  What I saw is too horrible to describe.  The people ran in all directions.  But, there was no place for them to hide from the moving machines and the spray of bullets.

There was so much excitement in the eyes and faces of the three men who were firing bullets at the people below.

When the hunt was over, nothing on the ground was moving.  All the people were still and the earth was painted with blood. 

For five square miles all I could see in my vision was people mangled and torn in pieces covering every inch of the ground. 


I am aware of the meaning of this dream but it is not important that I share that information.  But part of its meaning can be found in the song Dream On by Aerosmith.

Click the graphic above and it will take you to the video Dream On by Aerosmith. You decide what is the meaning for you.


Writer, John Rodgers  written in 014