The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down:  What Will Become Of Us?




Immigration, Fairness, Gun Control, Ending the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, Choice, Special Rights, Hatred Toward White People, Terrorism, Corruption, Decadence, Financial Slavery, Treason In High Places, Media Propaganda, Loss of Sovereignty, The Lawless Elite, the Destruction of Families, the End of Innocence for Children,  Race,  Global Warming, Carbon Taxes, Population, Poverty, Entitlements, Private Property, Religion, Home Schooling, Legalization of Drugs, the Dissolution of the Union, Death Panels for the Elderly and Sick, Global Dominance Over America. Facisim Over Capitalism.

How will we survive our differences?  The America of 1865 burned down the south and destroyed it in order to maintain a strong central government.  Union General Sherman wrote in his diary, "Today I burned down Rome and in 2 days I will burn down Atlanta. 626,392 souls died in the Civil War.  What is going to happen to us?  How can we go on with such a great divide between us?  Can we love one another enough and reason with one another enough to survive?  I pray we can.

Listen, review, and critique the music by THE BAND, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."  It reveals the sadness and the regret of a time when people were divided...and thousands and thousands died in battle with one another. Brother killed brother.  Father killed son.  And sons killed their fathers.  With so much hatred and divide have we become the enemy that will conquer us?



Since writing the above story life in America economically has gotten better.  However, their are individuals, groups, organizations and forces working 24/7 with the intent to overthrow the elected Presidentof the United States.  We as a country are at war.  The war is being waged between the Deplorables(T) and the Dispicables(T).  A man alligned with the Dispicables fired the first shot of the war when he fired at the Republican Senators who were playing softball.  Still, Donald Trump and the Deplorables are winning but it seems the Dispicables will never stop until they destroy Donald Trump and all the people who support him.  


Writer, John Rodgers



Click the poster below and listen to "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"  by The Band