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Millions of people have said goodbye to their homes.  What are they going to do?  Most people think these types of things happen to people who are not responsible.  Or, it happens to people who have addictions to drugs and alcohol and those who are mentally ill.  However, many of the millions of new homeless people are your next door neighbors.  They are like the neighbors you wave to across the fence for ten years but claim you really do not know them personally.  They are good, hard working, tax paying people who manage their resources like most everyone else in America.  Now, they live in tents, under bridges and broken down RV's.  Tent cities have been erected on the edge of most cities.  Now cities are passing ordinances to stop the homeless from setting up tents on property owned by the city.  What will happen to these people if there is no place for them to pitch a tent?

Would it be okay with you if these folks were rounded up, put on buses and shipped to camps where they would live indefinitely?  Doing this would break up their families.  Their chances of ever coming out of the camps would be slim.  Would you feel more comfortable living in your neighborhood knowing that millions of Americans are living in camps?  If you lost your job and home would you want your children taken away from you and shipped to a camp?  How would you feel if you could not find your children?  Right now plans are being made to do this to those who do not have a home and no prospects for a job.  They can no longer live in a tent so where are they going to live? 

You may not want to believe this but it is true.  Half of the American people are living in a Mad Max world right now.  If you are a part of the group of Americans who are considered the "haves," it is almost impossible for you to believe this.  Everything seems perfectly fine. Why?  Because you have everything you could possibly want.  But, what if your business fails, you lose your job or you have a long term illness?  You could quickly find yourself in the Mad Max part of America. I hope none of this every happens to you.
Government statistics show thousands of people with PHD degrees are receiving food stamps and have no jobs or have no prospect of every having a job.  Statistics also show 53% of college graduates do not have a job or they are working at a job they could have obtained without a college degree.  I am not writing this article to be sensational.  I am writing this article to remind you what Bob Doyle, the 1992  Republican Presidential Candidate said at his last political rally.  With watering eyes he softly said  "Wake Up America."

What can we do about this problem that threatens to bring our country down to it's knees?   First, we should encourage families to help their families.  We should provide these families with financial aide, training, counseling and continuous support if they accept part of the responsibility of helping members of their family. Second, we should encourage those who are financially strong to adopt a family.  They too should be provided with financial aide, training, counseling and continuous support.  We must stop judging one another and assigning blame.  Instead, we must be adults and fix this problem.  None of us want someone "moving in with us."  It screws up our lifestyle and routine.  But, all of us who have secure financial lives may have to temporarily be uncomfortable in order to help those who have nothing.  Being uncomfortable for a while is better than having a Civil War.  This is not taking from the rich to give to the poor.  It is the people taking action to save their country so their children and grandchildren can live in a civil and free society.  Our country can not endure if will tolerate the suffering of millions and millions of our neighbors.

But, how can we pay for my do gooder ideas?  We don't.  We asked those who put us in this mess to help us clean up this mess.  We all know what happen.  We all know who is responsible.  Those of you who did this to America know you are responsible.  But, I know you are not going to do anything to change anything for us little people.   So, this is what I am suggesting to the American people.  Let's set up a private fund.   Let's organize a massive global public relations campaign and call it "Save The American People Campaign."  Let's get millions of signatures from citizens all across America.  Let's put together a legal petition with millions of signatures of American citizens.  Let's share our signatures and goals with every communication outlet in America.  Through their communications individuals all across the world will know of our petition and our need.  Our petition will announce that the American people are making a request to the people in the countries which received financial aide from the tax payers of America, to send financial aid to the people in American equal to 25% of the financial aide they received from the American tax payers in the year 2011. 

It is time for each American to stand up for each American.  Every American deserves the support of every American.  We can not tolerate a nation of every man and every woman for themselves.  We can not tolerate a divided country were half the people has plenty and the other half has nothing.  I remember when most of people in America had everything they needed.  But, when our jobs were shipped overseas, this destroyed the equality among the people in our nation.  We will destroy ourselves if we do not fix this problem.  We can fix it.  We should give the people we have helped for many decades the opportunity to help us now.

Gosh, this all sounds very good... and almost delusional.   No one from other countries is going to send money to save America.  The American people are not going to stand up for one another either.  Those who are the "Haves" are called smug b___tards by those who have a little.  Those who have a lot call those who have a little lazy b___tards.   Both groups have inaccurate views of one another but their distorted perceptions of one another wins the day.  The senario I am going to share with you now shows what's wrong in America today.   From a distance, I watched a woman park her car in front of a bank's ATM machine.  She got out of her car and was about seven steps away from the ATM machine when a man pulled up in a car.  He jumped out of his car and darted in front of the woman and almost knocked her down so he could get to the ATM machine before her.  The lady quickly returned to her car and waited for the man to finish his transaction.  After the man left,  the woman looked in all directions before she got out of her car again to complete her banking transaction.

Everything I have written in this article is true.  We could figure out a way to fix this problem if we wanted to.  But, the Americans who used to have the skills and values to do these types of things do not live in American anymore.  It took sixty years of hard work to destroy the morals and the values of the American people.  We live in a country were unfortunately the motto is,  "It's every man for himeself and the h__l with you."  "I got mine.  You get yours and I don't owe you a d__ thing."   Tell me I'm wrong.  Give me proof that I am wrong.  I would like to be wrong.  I would like to say let's all roll up our sleaves and make this problem go away.  But, because of the restraints and responsibilities each of us face daily, it is almost impossible to get people involved in something greater than themselves.

Those of you with jobs do not have time to think about this topic.  You never get a free moment to think about anything.  Many of you hate your co-workers and would change jobs if you could.  You dream about your next vacation.   All this talk about helping the people without jobs upsets you.   It makes you feel bad and you say to yourself, "What the h__l am I suppose to do about their problems?" 

But, look on the other side.  The person without the job has put in over a thousand applications to businesses everywhere and not received one response.  Do you know why?  There are no jobs.  There are no jobs.  There are no jobs!!!  So these people, unlike the working people, have lots of time to think.  So, they think and they think and they think.   Anxiety, despair, fear and anger starts churning inside them.  Day after day, week after week, they lose their identity, integrity and even their souls.  When they lose their unemployment and hear working people say, " They don't have a job because they're too d__m lazy to look for a job and their food stamps should be cut off too,"  then life begins to look dangerous.   Millions of idle people sitting around thinking is dangerous.  Millions of people working and not thinking is dangerous.

We have a very bad situation in America.  Human life has been greatly devauled.  People do not want to help one another.  My greatest fear for America is life will get so bad for those who have so little that they will abandoned civility and turn on those who have refused to help them and befriend them.  I do not think this problem is going to be solved until more Americans have lost their homes, their jobs and their health.  Because, I do not think the working people in America believe the problems are that bad.  I also believe those with jobs are angered when people try to inform them about the harsh lives the unemployed are forced to live.  Those of you who are 40 years old and older may never get another job that can provide you with a livelihood for which you are accustomed if you lose your current job.  Only then, will most of those who are working believe what I am saying now. I also think the people with jobs in America think that those who do not have jobs and those who lost their jobs are misfits or they would not have lost their jobs.  But, those who believe this are jumping into the lake of ignorance. 

The America people will either turn and embrace one another to fix this problem.  Or, they will turn against one another and destroy each other because of this problem.

So who is losing their house this week.?  Who is losing their job this week?  Who is losing their health this week?  It could be you.  It could be me.  It could be any of us.  How can we stand around and do nothing?  What must we do to change ourselves and find the moral courage to do what is right rather than what is best for us as individuals.?  I hope we find the answer soon.


 Writer, John Rodgers


This article was published before the last Presidential election.  Since the election life has become worse.  There seems to be a growing animosity for those who have.  Those who have are giving more and more to those who do not have.  But, it seems that some of those who have so little are demanding a lot.  They seem to want those who have to give them everything.  The sympathy level for those who have little from those who have a lot has dropped to zero.

It is hard to have compassion for someone who is shaking their fist at you in a threatening way and demanding you give them what they want.

Now some of those who have a little have aligned themselves with those who are pushing to take away the second amendment of the people of the United States.  Why would anyone want to take away anyones right in Ameirca to protect themselves, their children and all members of their family?

The haves and have nots in America both feel betrayed by their political leaders.  One group wants the politicians to take more and more from those who have and give it to them in the form of entitlements.  The haves are demanding that they be able to keep the money they have worked hard to earn.  The political leaders have succeeded in dividing the people of America.  No one trust the politicians and no one believes in or trust each other.

It seems we have become the enemy of one another.  It also seems certain factions in America want to anger the people and push them to fight one another.  The push to take away the guns from good, honest, law abiding Americans could be the issue that finally breaks our union.

Are we on the brink of a street by street, block by block civile war?   I pray not. 


Writer John Rodgers, Publisher, Written in 2012