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Do not read this article if you do not want to hear any info about religion, future projections or any comments about faith.

This is a paraphrased version from the Holy Bible which details the coming of the end of a mighty nation.  The writer is the prophet Jerimiah and he is weeping for the nation. 
Jerimiah became known throughout the Bible Lands as the Weeping Prophet.  He had warned the people for many years to change and follow God.  But, they refused.  Here is a paraphrased version.
A hundred years of heartache has begun for the people of this nation.  What the poor and disadvantage have experienced for the the past fifty years will now become a part of your daily life.  
All who ignored the plight and suffering of your neighbors and friends who lost their jobs, homes and lives will now have the opportunity to share in this sorrow.  You were warned and you were offered assistance time and time again. 
But, you rejected the truth and the power to prevent what is happening now.  When good people do nothing evil prevails.  You are living in a state of evil.  It is not an abstract evil.  It is not a singular evil being.  It is a belief system in the minds of individuals that holds no value for human life. 
Turn away from your indulgences and flee to God.  Pray that He shortens these days and years of evil.  For this is a time that no man can long endure.
This is a harsh warning from Jerimiah.  Whether it pertains to our modern time, who can know?  But this one thing is true.  Life is not what it used to be for any of us who live in America. 
Jerimiah was not the only prophet to predict doom.
Listen, review and critque the Neil Young song  by clicking on the graphic above..  His song reveals a 20th Century vision of our future that is very strange.  The song is performed by Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstat and Emmylou Harris.

While the above statements paint a bleak picture, I do not believe a dismal future awaits us.  I believe we all create our futures and each one of us must sort out our understanding of God and life by ourselves.  
Some might say this is a doom and gloom story.  But, I wrote it to help you see how foolish it is to look at the dark side. 
The greatest advantage for looking into the dark is in the celebration of living in the light where everything is possible. 
Always look on the bright side of life and never let yourself get trapped in the darkness.
Because so many people today live in darkness and choose darkness, there is a deepening divide in our country.  We are divided into three philosophical groups. 
  • There is the group that can only go as far as they can see,
  • the group that can go as far as they believe and
  • the group that can not see or belive who can not go anywhere. 
America was built by the group who could go as far as they believe.  Have faith in yourself and one another.  These are the best days of our lives.
Do not fear the future but return to God, love one another and pray and ask God to intervene for you and America.  By restoring our faith in God we can have greater faith in one another again.

John Rodgers, Writer Written in 2015