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We offer 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month advertising packages

The following conponents are included in all online advertising plans.

We are now offering the Stand Up For Small Business Adverttising Campaign which can include the advertising components below.  Each advertiser picks which components is best for their campaign.

Deals Of The Day Ad

Shoppers Page Ad

Banner Ads

Display Ads

Photos, Point and Shoot Videos and Stories about your company and employees on your own private page or Landing Page

We can publish your existing tv and radio commercials with the commercial owners approval


Links to your website, and social media



I have never heard of Buy Now .Blog...Really?...
Have you heard of drudgereport.com  Sometimes I meet people who say I have never heard about Buy Now .Blog and I reply with this question.  "Have you ever heard of drudgereport.com?  Almost 10 out of 10 people will answer by saying no.  Then, I share with them that drudgereport.com is the largest website in the world with over 10 million visits per month.  Yet, most people have not heard of it.  Buy Now .Blog concentrates on reaching people in Metro Louisville and the 1.6 million people who live in the 15 county  economic development area that surrounds Louisville on both sides of the Ohio River.  Buy Now .Blog promotes every community, that wants our promotion, in our My Hometown section
Advertising and media is changing.  In the old days of TV everyone on your block might be watching Bonanza.  Co-workers discussed the Sunday night Bonanza epidsode at work on Monday morning.  Everyone new about Bonanza.   In that era people assumed that everyone watched the same TV programs they watched.  Everyone new about Bonanza.  The choices for TV programs were smaller then.  Now, viewers have unlimited choices. Today many people can not tell you what shows are playing on TV.  Why?  Because many are watching content and programs on their phones, computers, laptops and ipads.  You may live on a street with 20 houses.  But, the people in each of these house are watching or viewing different content and programs on their electronic devices.  Two or three houses may be viewing content on Buy Now .Blog while the rest of the families on the street have never heard about Buy Now .Blog.  Since neighbors do not talk with each other anymore, fewer people are talking about the TV shows they watch with their co-workers.  However, the number of people who visit Buy Now .Blog daily more than justifies our sponoring and advertising fees.  All they have to do to shop your store is "click" text, phone, email or visit your store. 
One last thing.  People are attracted to personalities and praticular personality driven websites.  Thousands of people visit Buy Now .Blog to find out what crazy story Billy Campe has written or what people are saying about him.  His ideas and stories drive people to Buy Now .Blog in big numbers.

How Does Buy Now .Blog Advertising Work?

  1. Client's advertisements are placed on the top rated pages in Buy Now .Blog and other pages too.  This assures that as many viewers as possible will see our clients advertisements.
  2. Clients advertisemens can be posted in several different formats.  For exampple, a banner Ad on one page...a display Ad on another page..a video Ad on another page etc.
  3. Stories about the client appear on different pages.  For example the same client story may appear in the Business section, also in the People section, the My Hometown section and the My Business section etc.
  4. Clients Ads may appear on the same page as the most read stories Buy Now .Blog
  5. Client Ads may appear in the Deal of The Day section and in Ava's Kids Page if the business attracts children.
  6. Client coupons can be posted in the Coupon section.


Why Do People Visit Buy Now .Blog

People visit Buy Now. Blog for the stories, content, coupons, deals of the day, entertainment and because it provides then with positive distractions fron the chaos of their day. And because...

  1. Billy Campe (not real name) has a large following of readers who enjoy reading his quirky stories and they may visit the magazine 2 or 3 times a day
  2. Other people visit the online magazine to watch cartoons on Ava's Kid Pages.  Grandparents use the Ava's KIds GRAND PARENTS ACTIVIIES BOOK to entertain their grandchildren.  There are over 100 activities and projects grandparents can complete with their grandchildren.
  3. Many come to Buy Now .Blog to shop in the TOWN SQUARE.   New businesses open everyday in the TOWN SQUARE.  When a viewer clicks on a business in the TOWN SQUARE, they will discover that business has a special coupon or a Deal of the Day to offer them.  It is always a surprise.  Shoppers can leave comments to the business owners in the TOWN SQUARE who offer Deals Of The Day. Shopping in the Town Square of www.Buy Now .Blog is more warm and personal.  People who want to, can become better acquainted.
  4. Employees at the different companies enjoying visiting the MY Business page and reading about their co-workers or their bosses.  It is a matter of pride.
  5. Lots of workers visit the Movie Section during their 15 minute work break to watch Barney and Andy from Mayberry or another quick show.
  6. Lots of workers and moms around the house enjoy visiting the Music Page and listening to some of the music from the past.
  7. People come to www.buynow.blog because it makes them feel they are a part of a community of people they can call friends.  It is a comfortable and safe place to be.
  8. Because there is so much to see and do on www.buynow.blog, visits range from 5 to 30 minutes.
  9. People come to www.buynow.blog for the content and interaction with one another.

How Do People Find Out About Buy Now .Blog?

  1. From business cards and coupon cards distributed
  2. From community fairs and festivals and events
  3. From pop up tents throughout the area
  4. From buisness to business distribution of coupon cards
  5. From online advertising
  6. From thousands of hits from our videos on YouTube
  7. From word of mouth from our thousands of viewers
  8. From our advertisers
  9. From our visitors, fans, and advertisers facebook pages


Everything I am about to tell you is true.  Our competitors are unaware of our advertising skills and talents and especially of the power of our "Alive Advertising".  It requires a committed team of graphic designers, copy writers and photographic professionals and IT people to make "Alive Advertising" work.  I am going to share with you how our "Alive Advertising" works at the risk of letting our competitors know some of our secrets.

We always know who is visiting our pages (ip addresses) and we change our pages often to grab the attention of our viewers and readers.  Buy Now .Blog almost lives and breathes.  Our IT people are like cattle ranchers.  They keep herding viewers in the direction of an advertisement we want them to see.  For example, we might publish a huge banner Ad on the front page of the magazine for all viewers to see.  When the viewer clicks the Town Square section they see the same banner Ad they first saw on the home page as a display Ad.  When the viewer clicks My Business, they will see a photo of the business owner, along with a photo of the business that they first saw on the home page.  As the viewer moves from page to page through the Buy Now .Blog, they will see the same business advertised in different formats on the many different pages viewed.  When the viewer gets to the Deals of The Day page, they see the same Ad for the same original business they first viewed on the home page.  The Deals of The Day page sends the viewer to the Coupon Page where the viewer will have the opportunity to download a coupon of the business they first viewed on the home page.  Our viewers read the www.buynow.blog for several minutes because of our Story Section.  We have a strong following of people who visit Buy Now .Blog several times a day to read different stories by Billy Campe (not real name).  Ads are displayed with each story.  The stories that are being read at any given time infer if our reading audience has a higher number of males or females and also can help indicate the culture, and economic background of our viewers.

If you are an advertisier and your numbers are dragging we will publish a new story that generates interest from people (ip address history) who would also be interested in your kind of business.  This is called Adverherding.  Our IT folks herd readers to your Ads by placing your Ads by a new story we know a certain type of customer (ip address) enjoys.  Think of your advertising as being on a radio volume dial.  We can turn up the volume on your Ad if we think you are not being heard or seen enough.  We write human interest stories and stock these in our story vault to be used when our advertisers need to have the volume turned up on their advertising.  This is "Alive "Advertising". 

Very few if any media have the skills, experience or the financial commitment to do this.  www.buynow.blog is always being changed to herd more viewers and readers to your Ads.  That's what makes our advertising Alive!.

Alive Advertising does not cost extra.  It is included in our one year advertising package.


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Below is an example of the kind of on air TV commercials we can produce for you.  New Ascension Commercial runs
Thanksgiving Week Nov 20-Nov 27 and gets 4,000 visits for website.