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Big Pages America has launched a public relaions and promotion campaign that can make Louisville better and help each of us evaluate our perception of our city.  Use our Trademark T Shirts to recognize someone you know who makes Louisville a better place to live.  Give them the "I Make Louisville Better"  T Shirt as a gift.   These are high quality shirts and most people would love to wear one.  To place an order call 502-894-6002.


Recognition is the best motivator.  Everyone desires to be recognized.  Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and many reality TV shows give recognition to regular everyday people.  All across Louisville everyday people are helping to make Louisville a better place to live.  But, day after day they are not recognized for their efforts.  Use our  Copyright, Trademark T Shirt to recognize someone you know who makes Louisville a better place to live.  Give them the "I Make Louisville Better"  T Shirt as a gift.  The more we recognize each others positive contributions to Louisville, the better we will feel about ourselves and our city.  Louisville is a great city with people who have unlimited talents and abilities.  The "I Make Louisville Better" T Shirt can help each of us to remember this idea and also help us promote this concept in our neighborhoods across the city.  Corporations, organizations groups and small businesses can give this T Shirt to their employess to recognize the good work they do in the communities they serve. 
Each person who purchases a  'I Make Louisville Better" T Shirt is recognized in the online publication Big Pages America.  Their picture and a brief story about them is written and published in Big Pages America.  They will be interviewd on video and their video will appear on Big Pages America TV. They will also be featured in the Big Pages America Photo Gallery of Stars.   To place an order call 502-894-6002. 
Corporations, small businessess, organization and groups can use the "We Make Louisville Better" T Shirt to promote the good work they do in our neighborhoods across Louisville.  Their Logo is printed above the words "We Make Louisville Better". 
Each business that participates in this positive camapaign will be featured in the Big Pages America Photo Gallery of Businesses That Make Louisville Better.  These businesses will be promoted for their good customer service, high quality products and service and for their participation in the communities they serve. Additionally, any business, who purchases T Shirts can qualify to have their business advertised on TV and declare to everyone We Make Louisville Better. 
Media and promotion kits are available to all businesses.  The kit includes 3 special order t-shirts, a window/door WE MAKE LOUISVILLE BETTER sign and a coupon for a free point and shoot video promoting your business.  Fee.  $150
ORDER NOW  CALL 502-894-6002
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