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GUARANTEE!  If you are not satisfied with the results of your 9 months of advertising in Big Pages America, we will run your first 3 month advertisement over for FREE for 3 months.  Offer expires February 15, 2020.



Below is an example of  the design of Louisville Edition of Big Pages America.  All the advertisers below are a part of the Big Pages America family of advertisers.  But, these advertisers will appear in another edition of Big Pages America.  This is just one side of a two sided Big Pages America.  There will be more content and advertisers on the other page.  Please scroll down and place your order or call 502-894-6002 if you have questions.  Thank you.  John Rodgers, Publisher, Big Pages America


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Welcome to the Big Pages America advertising page.  
Each new customer your business gathers from advertising with us can bring your business $1,000.00 to $280,000.00 in one year.  If you repair cars then a new customer who purchases new brakes and four new tires from you will spend well over $1,000.00.  If you sell your house, and our advertising brings you one customer who purchases your house then, you can earn $280,000.00 or more depending on the value of your home.  Recently, one of our family of advertisers received 20 new customers from their first $600.00 three month Ad.  Each of these 20 customers came into his store and made a purchase.  The advertiser made money from his advertising but felt he should of made more.  So, I sat down with him and shared this with him.  "It cost you $30 dollars per customer to gather 20 customers from our advertising.  You got your money back and also made a good profit.  What you are overlooking is you got "20 new customers" for a very low cost.  Now it is your challenge to get those 20 customers back into your store and spend more money.  Each of your 20 new customers should spend over $1,000.00 with you this year.  But, you have to create marketing and contact tools that will appeal to them and bring them back into your store to buy more items.  I can help you create these tools and show you how to contact your new customers in a way that will encourage them to purchase more merchandise from you.  You have the potential to earn over $20,000.00 of extra income this year from the 20 new customers you gathered from advertising in Big Pages America." Accept our advertising offer below and then place your order.  We will contact you when we receive your order.  Thank you.
Our advertising works and I challenge you to work with us and use Big Pages America to win more customers. John Rodgers, Publisher Big Pages America \




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