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Please read the story and commentary below and call me for a free consultation.  During your free consultation I will show you how I can help you have a $2,500 monthly pension in the next 3 years that you can start spending in the next 3 years.  What I am telling you is the truth.  What I am sharing with you below is the truth.  Most of us are going to live longer than we think, if we have the money. 
If you are 18 to 75 years old let me help you get a $2,500 monthly pension check you can start collecting in 3 years.  Plus, you can pass on your pension to your estate.
Or, ignore me and listen to all the negative people who would tell you that this is not true.  But, if you decide to listen to these people remember this. "More than 80% of the people who retire do not have a pension and 50% of these people will retire broke and homeless.  This may include some of the people who would discourage you with their negative comments when you tell them about our pension.   Please call me. 502-894-6002 or 502-434-2233.  Ask the people who might discourage you from calling me this question.  "Will you take care of me when I retire?"
John Rodgers, Founder, Secrets Nuvo Pension System



During and after the 2008 great recession and bank bailout reports of bankers committing suicide were plentiful.  A friend in another state shared a story with me about an AF American man who had been faithful and loyal to his company for 30 years.  He did not know that his company was on shaky ground and about to collapse.  The owner of the company, who was also the director of a bank, committed suicide and the company began to instantly crumble.  Properties were sold.  Buildings were shut down.  Hundreds of faithful and loyal workers, including the African American man, were dismissed permanently.  None of them received the pension they thought was due them.  Hundreds of lives were destroyed because of the actions of the owner who killed himself.  But, the company was saved and was sold to a larger company.  The family who owned the company got their money but the people who helped to build their company were left with nothing.  These people were told they were family and that the company would take care of them.  The company kicked them to the side of the road at a time in their lives where the ages of these workers would make it almost impossible for them to get another job.
The 20th century pension is gone.  No company in America can pay you a pension and compete with the world market.  Corporate tax in America has just been lowered from 38% to 21%.  Yet, the next day China lowered it's corporate tax from 10% to 0%.  Regardless of what you have been promised by you employer, in the future it could be very difficult for the company you work for to earn enough money to pay you a pension.
We are involved in a dangerous economic war with China and other nations.  If the people in America do not wise up and realize this, they will be speaking Chinese and living in a shipping container for a home eating three bowls of porage a day with no hope for a better life. This is not a joke and I know you do not like to hear this.  Things change.  America has changed.  The America I knew as a teenager no longer exist.  Now more than ever you must depend on your own self reliance to provide yourself and your family with the life you believe you deserve.  Help is not on the way.  No one is coming to save you.  You can live your life as a victim or you can find other ways to secure your future. 
Writer, John Rodgers, Founder of Secrets Nuvo Pension System and Secrets Wellness and Weight Loss Centers of America 






 Don't Retire Broke.  Build a $2,500 Monthly Income in the Next 3 Years that You Can Start Spending in 3 Years 
If you can add and subtract, multiply and divide you have the skills to build a minimum of a $2,500 monthly retirement income in the next 3 years that you can start using in 3 years. Did you know half of all Americans retire with no retirement income?   These folks retire broke. 
The people who retire broke must work 2 or 3 low paying part-time jobs, that often requires them to stand on their feet for long hours on concrete floors. 
These folks fill our emergency rooms with back pain ailments, swollen feet issues, heart failure and diabeties problems.  They eat poor quality food and a high fat diet that adds excess pounds to their body until they become morbidly obese.  Many are depressed, scared, lonely and desperate and some become suicidal. 
When people can not cloth, feed and house themselves, life is a burden not a joy. 
What I have just described is half of the population of America when they reach retirement age.  It will also be a description of you when you retire if you have not built a retirement income you can count on.  If you are in your 20's, 30's,40's 50's and 60's and have no retirement, you may not be able to count on your family, government, friends, or church to help you if you need financial support when you are ready to retire. 
Family, friends, the church and the government do not want to be responsible for you anymore. 
People in general have become less giving and compassionate to one another.  Their view is "if a person does not make an effort to build a retirement income for themselves why the hell should I be expected to take care of them?"  Once a person retires they become less significant to other working people and to members of their families.  Children and other family members are usually too busy with their family responsibilities to pay attention to their retiring parents and their needs.  So, if you retire without a pension you should expect zero help or support from anyone.  Harsh?  It is much worst than I have described.
To be blunt once we reach a certain age, no one truly cares about us anymore.  We are an aggravation and a pain in their backside
This is what some people really think about people who have no retirement. 
"People without money do not count"
That is true when you are young and true when you are old.  Our country is full of people who have failed to prepare for retirement.  Instead they have meandered through life on the yellow brick road searching for unicorns and leprechauns while throwing coins in wishing wells and hoping that everything in their life will work out in the end.
They think life is beautiful and full of loving, caring peole who will tolerate reckless people who look for rainbows and expect others to pay for their happy ending.  
All of us must accept the responsibility to build a retirement for ourselves.  Secrets Nuvo Pension System can help you build a realistic retirement income.  Let us help you now so you will not need anyones help later.  Call 502-894-6002 or 502-434-2233 today to start building your $2,500 monthly income in the next 3 years. 
Oh, by the way, you do not have to stop building your retirement after three years.  You can continue to build.  Build for 6 years and have a $5,000 monthly income.  Build for 9 years and have a $7,500 monthly income.  Build for twelve years and have a $10,000 monthly income. 
A 66 year old lady, who had just started receiving her Social Security said, "$2,500 a month is not much income to get people excited".  I asked her if she would mind sharing with me the amount she received monthly from Social Security.  She said, "I get $1,200 a month".  I explained to her that she could build a $2,500 retirement income in 3 years and this would boast her income to $3,700 a month.  It took this lady 30 years to earn $1,200 a month from Social Security.  When she realized this and recognized that it would only take her 3 years to build a $2,500 monthly income she said, "Sign me up!"






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