The American people are divided into two groups, the Whiners and the Winners.  The Winners work hard for everything they get and the Whiners work hard to take everything the Winners own. The Winners pay for their lunch and the Whiners expect the Winners to give them a FREE lunch, with desert and a cherry on top, 365 days a year.  The Winners have drawn a line in the sand and are refusing to prop up the Whiners.   President Donald Trump is in agreement with the Winners.  He has made it more difficult for the Whiners to continue to take from those who are productive.  In response to Trumps actions, the Whiners are now doing what they do best.  They are whining.  However, the Whiners can barely be heard by the public because they are being silenced by the loud voices across the nation of the "I Don't Care Movement".  The Winners and other people in America no longer care about the Whiners and have decided to move forward in life and have left the Whiners far behind to take care of themselves.  No one cares about helping the Whiners because the Whiners have never cared about helping anyone other than themselves.  Now, the Whiners have declared war on the Winners because the Winners refuse to allow the Whiners to manipulate them.  But, the Winners don't care.  They know the Whiners do not have enough energy and drive to wage war.  There are millions of Whiners in America but there are an overwhelming number of Winners in America.  The Whiners hate Winners and would like to wage a civil war.  But, for every Whiner in America, their are a thousand Winners.  The Whiners in America will never defeat the Winners who run America.





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