The large edition of Louisville BiG Pages will be distributed November 1, 2017.  It will be 3 separate 11 inches by 17 inches 80lb. text high gloss paper with stories and advertisements printed on both sides of the paper.  It took a while to develop this prototype but it is coming out at the peak buying season for consumers. 

Consumers will be able to pick up the Louisville BiG Pages in hotels, restaurants, professional offices, high traffic, retail stores, auto repair shops, salons, groceries and other places.  The bright colors of BiG Pages will make it almost impossible to ignore and will lure people to pick up a copy

Thank you for your patience and your participation.  If you scheduled an advertisement to appear in this BiG Pages, you have received FREE 24/7 advertising in the on-line edition of Hikes Point News America while this BiG Pages prototype was being built.  The online edition of BiG Pages and Hikes Point News America have a large number of daily visitors and views. 

Because of it's growth and success the old FEE of $300 for one year of advertising in the online edition of Hikes Point News America is now $2,400.  However, I would like to give you one year of FREE advertising in Hikes Point News America for 2018 as a way to express my appreication for the consideration you have showm me as I developed the new BiG Pages prototype.  

Thank you again for being a part of our family of advertisers.


John Rodgers, Publisher, Hikes Point News America/BiG Pages





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