Exert from the book WesterPhobic Hate
In the pure presence of love hate is impotent.  Love has brought each of us to this place in history and hate has been chasing us and screaming at us every step of the way.  Hate is out of control chaos that belches out profanities in a world of beauty and miracles.  It is the desperate attempt of the weak who seek only their self interest.  Hate is dying and as was witnessed during Harvey and will be seen again after Irma, love is who we are as a body of people.  Hate is taking it's last breath because it can not live in the company of people who love one another.  Love is growing and hate is dying.  No hater can be in the presence of love and not be weakened and struck by it's beauty and power.  No one can hate who has been touched by love.  For every single, horrible act of hate that is broadcast by the media, a thousand acts of love occurr unnoticed.  But, acts of love are growing so rapidly that those who try to control the narrative of life are now overwhelmed by the truth.  "People prefer to love one another" and there is no place in this world for people who want to hate.  WesterPhobic Hate is dying because no one wants what it has to offer. 
People want to love and be loved even when there are times when they are unsure of what is love.  The greatest sadness can be found in the deep, despairing eyes of someone who has never known love.  To never be loved or know love is to die a million deaths before your time to depart has come. 
Writer, John Rodgers



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