Hey Hardin County Business owners!  Purcahse an Ad in the Hardin County Print edition of BiG Pages and I will give you 3 months free digital advertising in BiG Pages Online.





Here is why business people are so excited about BiG Pages 
They get all of this for two months for only $300. 
1. Regular AD in the printed BiG Pages. 
2. FREE advertsing in the on-line BiG Pages Magazine (1,018,300 hits- regularly $200 a month) which includes 
A. FREE Landing Page.
B. FREE Photos. 
C. FREE Articles. 
D. FREE Videos ADs
E. FREE Banner ADs
F  FREE BiG Page Print AD on 500 different pages in the on-line BiG Pages Magazine. 
G. FREE linking to your website and social media. 
H. FREE Spots on the 24/7 Business Card Show.
I.  FREE Posting of your other Radio and Television ADs on your Landing Page.
J. FREE Photos and Videos for business promotions and events during your 2 month advertising campaign. 
Please give us call.  Even if you have already spent your budget, you can squeeze this in.  The $300 dollars you spend with BiG Pages could bring you customers you are not reaching with your other advertising.  Our customers could be the ones that can give you the sales and profits you need now.  Take a look at the three Hardin County businesses below that have already launched their advertising campaigns with BiG Pages.  Try us for two months and I think you will see how helpful our advertising can be to your bottom line.  John Rodgers, BiG Pages, Publisher, 502-434-2235






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