My Daughter's Dream

She and her youngest daughter are under the sea and they are enjoying all the different creatures of the sea.  Suddenly they both realize they are not in a protective shield or a mini diving sub-device.  They are both in the sea with the rest of the creatures.  They are breathing without any devices for breathing.  They can breath and freely function while in the water like the fish in the sea.

My Dream

I am mingling with my friends on the patio beside a pull enjoying a Bar-B-Q.  Then, I notice my granddaughter, the same girl in my daughters dream,  is lying flat in the pool and both of her arms are stretch out to both sides of her body.  I start to dash toward her but one of my guest grabs my arm and says she's okay.  See...she is breathing.  My granddaughter seems perfectly content as she is lying in the water.  She is alive and well and enjoying herself breathing under the water just like a fish.