With the launch of our new multicultural magazine Hikes Point News America, Hikes Point News is designating Hikes Point as the new multicultual and multiracial hub of Lousiville.  From this day forward we want people everywhere to know that Hikes Point is one of the new 21st century communities that embraces the differnet cultures of the world and invites families and individuals from all cultures to come to Hikes Point and make it their home.

Our new magazine will promote all the different people, races and faiths that are a part of the many different cultures.  We will also promote the values of our great American western culture.  It is the dream of Hikes Point News that we can all come together and assimilate as English speaking Americans while at the same time embrace and celebrate the traditions of all of our new residents and their cultures.  If you want to make America great again, help Hikes Point News make Hikes Point a great place for anyone to live.  John Rodgers, Hikes Point News America




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