This story and music is for everyone who has lost their Valentine and may be experiencing great feelings of loss even when they are working to have a relationship with a new Valentine. 
I experienced food poisoning for the second time this year.  I hurt all over and I could not think.  After sleeping for three hours I awoke with a compulsion to call my wife.  I picked up the phone and punched in the numbers 491 -- --- --- ---..  An automatied voice answered the phone saying, "the number you are calling is no longer in service and has been disconnected".  My wife in the photo below has been dead for two years.  I do not know why I called on that particular day or why I felt so compelled to try to contact her.  For 22 years she was my Valentine.  I guess that is reason enough to try and contact herI wish I could have talked with her.   But, that is a foolish thoughtThe deep silence rings loud in your ear when you dial the number of the dead.  You feel lost and very alone.  In an odd way the song by ELO - Telephone LIne details the feelings of someone trying to make a phone call to someone who is not there. 
Writer John Rodgers
Click the graphic below and listen, review and critque the song Telephone Line by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)