The videos below show how the veterans fund raise for their fellow soldiers and also how State Senator Dan Seum promotes the Veterans through the video he produced honoring veterans.

New Haven's Longbranch Saloon Sponsors Fund Raising Bike Ride For Vet


VICTORY FOR VETERANS  Video produced by Senator Dan Seum



Scholastically, John was an under-performing high school student.  But, he excelled academically in college and was very popular with the other students.  He was voted President of his Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Classes.  He received the Who's Who in America award and was recognized as one of the Outstanding Young Men In America by the National Jaycees.  He sold Bibles door to door in the south and was the top salesman and sales recruiter for four consecutive summers.   But, as John says, "that is ancient history". 
Today John is a "social entrepreneur".  He believes capitalism works best when communities, towns and cites have programs, laws, training and culture that support, unify, nurture, empower and reward individuals who use positive human and divine values to build strong families in the communities where they reside
John is a retired minister from a mainline, protestant denomination.  He served 12 churches, as senior pastor, before retiring.  His first church, after graduating from Campbellsville University was in Raywick, KY.  He lived in Lebanon and he conducted his first funeral for Boseley Funeral Home.  As a college graduate in 1975 he was paid $2,500 a year salary and all the fried chicken, corn and vegetables he could eat that was grown on the Scotts farm in Marion County.  He played tennis at St Marys, had Sunday dinner at the Scotts and returned to the Scott farm on Monday each week to fill the gas tank of his 1973 Duster from the gas pump Mr Scott used for his farming implements. 
In 1980 John received his Master of Divinity degree from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  Most of the churches he served were located in Louisville, Kentucky.  One of his last churches was in the Highlands in Louisville, KY.  John loves people and  admires and draws strength from small business owners.   John says, "they have more guts, fight and get up and go than any group of people I have every known.  When small business people make up their minds to do something, they are unstoppable". 
John entered business ( on the side) as a young minister in order to help pay for his wife to attend the University of Louisville medical school.  She became a doctor and practices medicine in Brandenburg.  They parted ways as friends after 18 years of marriage and 2 wonderful daughters.  They now have 10 grandchildren.  John was married to his second wife for 22 years.  She died from cancer three years ago. 
John started his business career publishing art,  then added public speaking seminars and workshops for Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, AT&T, KY Farm Bureau, KY Lottery and many others.  He developed the largest weight loss company in KY with 10,000 clients and produced the #1 diet supplement in KY. (Most of John's weight loss clients were referred to him by physicians.) 
After he retired from business John worked for Kroger in the frozen food section earning $6.35 an hour.  He loved it but it was too confining for him.   After a year and a half he decided to start a new hobby... publishing Hikes Point News.  The mission of the magazine was to promote the Hikes Point community.  This was later expanded to promote the communities and towns in the 15 County Economic Development Area surrounding Louisville on both sides of the Ohio River. 
Now John is encouraging people all across Kentucky to become "Community Partners".  John says, "every action taken in a community does not have to be formal or official".  "I encourage small business owners, groups and individuals to band together and tackle the issues and concerns of their area.  Citizens do not always need the help of local, state or the federal government to fix their problems.  Local people are better equipped to know how to solve the challenges in their community.  When local people see themselves as "Community Partners", they realize they can get more things done partnering together with one another. The Community Partners Program builds stronger social entrepreneurs or people who are willing to take risks for their community."   









Please call me for a free consultation.  During your free consultation I will show you how I can help you have a $2,500 monthly pension in the next 3 years that you can start spending in the next 3 years.  This is a $30,000 yearly income you can start receiving in 3 years.  What I am telling you is the truth.  What I  will share with you is the truth.
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Or, ignore me and listen to all the negative people who would tell you that this is not true.  But, if you decide to listen to these people remember this. "More than 80% of the people who retire do not have a pension and 50% of these people will retire broke and homeless.  This may include some of the people who would discourage you with their negative comments when you tell them about our pension. This is the 21st Century.  We watch TV on mobile phones.  This was not possible in the 20th Century and neither was the Secrets Nuvo Pension System. We do not use dial up phones today and we do not have to wait 30 years to start collecting a pension today.  If you want a pension in 3 years, please call me. 502-894-6002.  Also ask the people who might discourage you from calling me this question.  "Will you take care of me when I retire?"
John Rodgers, Founder, Secrets Nuvo Pension System
All participants in the Secrets Nuvo Pension System receive the Secrets Wellness and Weight Loss Training Program FREE.  This is a $2,500.00 program.




SaveThe American Children offers training and education programs that show children how to use the teachings of Jesus Christ to meet and conquer the challenges of a decadent society.  This training will empower them, fill them with hope and make them affective problem solvers.  They will discover who they are in relation to Jesus and God.  They will have an opportunity to develop a strong connection with the historical Jesus and the spirit of Jesus as they grow in their understanding of the purpose of Jesus and the purpose of his teachings.
Parents and children train together and have assignments to complete at home that reinforces what they learn at our training center.  This is not religious training.  This is not a preparation coarse for children to be admitted as a memeber to a church.  This is training that will prepare these children to decide if they want a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they become the moral leaders of the future.  These teachings will show the children how to use their God given power to change our world into a place that puts God first.
These children will be shown how to grow their faith in God through the teachings of Jesus Christ.  These children will become the judges, governors, senators, congressman, corporate chiefs, and community leaders of the future.  They will succeed in turning America back to God.  Their faith will be powerful and they will be some of the most successful people in America.  Following God's leadership, they will help save us from ourselves.
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and young lion and fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."  Isaih 11:6 From the Holy Bible
These children will usher in the Age of God and the New America.  
Parents who would like to enroll with their children in this training experience can email john@savethechildren.com and request an enrollment form.
Did you know businesses do better in a God centered culture?
How much money did your business lose last year do to shoplifting, employee theft and other reasons?  Stealing and crime is greatly diminished in faith based cultures.
If you are a business owner will you help us train the children by becoming an Official Sponsor of Save The American Children?
One of our team members will be calling on faith based business owners to share how we can help our sponsors grow their businesses and win more customers through their affiliation with Save The American Children.

Advocate For Children

Save The American Children lobbies for better protection and laws for children.  Millions of children go missing or are found dead each year and their deaths are not reported. Save The American Children works to convince congress to allocate more funds for the American children in need.  American Children First Before All Others is our motto.  This is not selfish.  Our children have been placed last for years and the collaspe of our culture is proof of this.



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