I have been told that our country is divided between Trump supporters and anti Trump haters.  I am not sure this is true.  However, it does seem the political landscape has changed.  A new group of people have emerged and proclaim they are represented by the thunderous voice of our new President.  While President Trump proclaims, " I am the President for all the people",  almost half the people, who voted, did not vote for him and many do not consider him to be their President. 

But, this does not matter anymore.  Because the people who won the election "don't care anymore".  They no longer care how much the other side screams, threatens and acts out.  They just don't care about the group of people who have been treating them as second class citizens for so many years.  They don't care about the other side's causes, and they don't care how many different names the other side calls them.  In the minds of some or maybe many of the people, who helped win the election for Trump, they do not intend to let the other side take a dump on them anymore

Think about this past Presidential election.  Neither the Republicans or the Democrats won.  The people from middle America and from every rural area of this land took back the country.  Rural America and Middle American defeated the Republicans, Democrats, Billionaires, Mutli-National Corporations, Globlist and a sea of people who hate them.  Trump is right The everyday, common sense people are back in charge and control the country now.  But, I do not think the people opposed to middle and rural America understand how big a defeat was handed to them.  Almost every state in American is now under the influence and control of middle and rural America.  The election may be over but rural America and Middle America have not gone back to sleep.  Instead, they have their feet on the gas peddle going 90 miles an hour racing to change the injustices that have been done to them for so many years.  The corporations understand the power of middle and rural America.  That's why they are bringing jobs back to America.  They know that middle and rural America will figuratively "knock down walls and kick in doors" for Donald Trump.  Under the leadership of Donald Trump, rural and middle America will not back down from anyone or anything

I wish we could all shake hands and promise to work together.  But, how many people think this is possible?  Why should rural and middle America be interested in anything their opponents have to say after all their apponents have done to them?  I do not know how this is all going to end.  But, I am convinced that the people associated with the "I Don't Care Movement", don't care what I think or what you think.




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