Hikes Point is a beautiful and safe place to live.  You will find the same kind of housing in Hikes Point as you can find in St Matthews, Middletown, Lyndon and the Westport Road area. You can own identical or similar real estate in Hikes Point that you can purchase in St Matthews, Middletown, Lyndon and in the Westport Road area.  But, you can purchase it for a better value in HIkes Point.  Hikes Point has the same stores and amenities as the other areas mentioned.  Hikes Point's per capita income is growing and more and more businesses are locating in Hikes Point.  39 is the average age and 33% of the residents are college graduates.  Most of the people work in traditional "white collar jobs".  The Hikes Point Retail Business Hub is one of the strongest retail districts in Louisville.  Hikes Point is a clean, fresh, rebuilt area that sparkles and shines like a diamond.  But, it is the gentle, kind and loving people, who live in Hikes Point, that make it the most special place to live in Louisville, Kentucky.  If it is possible to pick the place you can live in heaven...then I want to live in Hikes Point.  I feel close to God living here in Hikes Point now.  I believe I would feel even closer to God if I lived in a place called Hikes Point in heaven.



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