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Order ASCENSION Joint Supplement at 502-296-5688. It is the new advanced joint supplement launched by HPN Supplements, a division of Hikes Point News USA.

Hikes Point News has launched a national direct marketing campaign to make it's new advanced joint supplement available to everyone in America.  The marketing campaign theme for ASCENSION is  "Take ASCENSION and tell us how your feel." C


Hikes Point News owns and manages the Electronic Cigarette Association of Kentucky.  The mission of ECAOK is to educate, advocate and help people who want to change their smoking lifestyle.
ECAOK offers workshops, siminars and small group meetings that can be useful in helping you change your smoking lifestyle.  These workshops, seminars and groups are led by John Rodgers.  Mr. Rodgers is the publisher of Hikes Point News. 
He created one of the largest weight loss / wellness centers in Louisville, KY in the 80's and 90's. Thousands of people completed his training program.  It was also taught to some of the top companies in Louisville including General Electric, Kentucky Lottery, Papa John's International, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kentucky, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Ivy Tech Institute, AT&T and many others.

Get Published Inside the Kentucky E Cigarette Directory

Hikes Point News is publishing the first E Cigarette Directory inside Hikes Point News.  We are contacting all the E Cigarette stores in Kentucky and inviting each one to be published in the directory.  Below is an example of how your business will appear in the directory.  Openness and transparancy is the key to the success of the E Cigarette industry.



E Cigarettes Store 

4782 West Main Street,Bowing Green, Kentucky

Phone 555-345-4356 Email info@yahoo.com 



Please click and visit www.ascensionjointsupplement.com  Use Ascension to support your joints and to help support the work of HIkes Point News.  We are working to help our small businesses by providing very low fee advertising fees to the business owners in eleven different counties in our Metro Louisville, KY economic development area.  With your help and support we can help our area businesses to continue to thrive.  Thank you.  John Rodgers, Publisher, Hikes Point News and creator of ASCENSION.  *(Mr. Rodgers retired from 20 years of making dietary supplements for his dietary supplement company.)



Hikes Point News Is A Regional Magazine

Hikes Point News is a family owned corporation that is a part of Hikes Point News USA. 

Hikes Point News USA produces dietary supplements like the new advanced joint supplement ASCENSION.  It also publishes magazines for different industries and LifeStory books for individuals and groups. 

The local office of Hikes Point News is located in an unincorporated retail district in Louisville, Kentucky known as Hikes Point. 

Hikes Point News makes an extra effort to help promote the businesses in this area of Louisville in addition to the other businesses in our distribution area.

The magazine is named HIkes Point News because, the owners like the name and the business originates from the Hikes Point area of Louisville, Kentucky.  The Hikes Point News magazine is celebrating it's 5th year of successful business.

The lifestyle magazine covers all of Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky, plus southern Indiana and the counties surrounding Louisville, Kentucky which include Bardstown, Elizabethtown, Mt Washington, Sheperdsville, LaGrange, Crestwood, Shelbyville, Henryville, Taylorsville, Fisherville and Finchville. 

Hikes Point News is a quartery magazine. 20,000 copies are printed each quarter.  Copies can be picked up for free at 41 different Kroger stores and 200 other locations.

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Hikes Point News Provides The Most Affordable Advertising Rates For A Free Pick Up Magazine 

Other Louisville "Free Pick Up Magazines" Charge $1,800.00 to over $4,000.00 For A Full Page Advertisement

Hikes Point News offers 2 sizes of advertisements.  A Half Page advertisement is $300.00 and a Full Page Advertisement In Hikes Point News For Only $600.00.

Hikes Point News Is One Of The Largest Circulated Magazines In Louisville, KY

Some of the biggest and most successful companies in Louisville advertise in Hikes Point News.

View Victory For Veterans By Senator Dan Seum

Please view the video Victory For Veteran below.  It was produced by Senator Dan Seum to help everyone remember what our veterans have done for us.

Honor our veterans by viewing Victory For Veterans.  Produced by Senator Dan Seum 38th District Kentucky Senator

Publisher's Printing Company, The 5th Largest Magazine Printer In The Nation Now Prints Hikes Point News

Please view the video of Publisher's Printing Company below produced by Kentucky Farm Bureau. You will be amazed by the huge print presses and equipment they use to produce over a thousand magazines.
Publisher's Printing Company is also a large producer of labels.


Above top left is the Sheperdsville, KY printing plant and below it is the Lebanon Junction, KY printing plant.  To the right are the owners Nick Simon and Michael Simon.  Watch the video below to learn more about Publishers Printing.  You will be amazed.