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Valley Station Liquidation has earned the top spot in the Hikes Point News Best Value Stores.  Satisfied customer comments about their top quality products and outstanding customer service has placed them as the NUMBER 1 business this month in the select group of businesses known as the TOP 20 Best Value Businesses.  Shop their store this weekend.  Click on their photo to your right and visit their website.  You will find directions, phone numbers emails and everything you need to have a pleasant shopping experience.



The Knight School of Welding was originally founded by Mel Hobbs, our in-house welding inspector in 1995. Our 20,000 square foot facility and state licensed welding school is located at 2017 South 39th Street.  Our schools location has allowed us to be conveniently located to provide vocational training to all residents of Kentucky and Indana.
The curriculum at Knights School of Welding is career specific and designed to maximise your training in targeted welding areas.  The school is also an accredited Test Facility (ATF) site and offers weldin certification, testing that is nationally recognized and provides" transferralble" credentials that students can take with them wherever they go.
For more information contact Dave Tofaute, Executive Director at www.knightschoolof welding.com




Above top left is the Sheperdsville, KY printing plant and below it is the Lebanon Junction, KY printing plant.  To the right are the owners Nick Simon and Michael Simon.  Watch the video below to learn more about Publishers Printing.  You will be amazed.





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Stroll Down Memory Lane


Click on the above graphic of John E's and revisit the old John E's menu preserved on Hikes Point News.  Then click on the video below and listen again to the Don Krekel Orchestra and Barbara Polk sing and play in the famous John E's Restaurant.



30% off Adides women's clothing when you mention you saw Chuch and Mikes on Hikes Point News.



In the fall of 1972 I met Sam Moore an immigrant from Lebanon.  He was the President of Royal Publishers which later became Thomas Nelson, Inc. the largest publisher of Bibles in the world.  Sam was brilliant and commited to his Christian faith. He recruited me into his student division to sell bibles door to door in North Carolina.  I sold bibles, recruited college students to sell bibles and was one of the top Jr. Executive sales people in the company.  I had no interest in becoming a salesman or even learning the skills on how to sell.  But, I wanted to marry my childhood sweetheart.  I needed money to do this and the money I could earn from the salel of bibles could make this possible.  I married my high school sweetheart, paid my way through college, bought two new cars and paid all the household expensives from the money I earned from the sale of bibles.

When I graduated from college, I was offered a sales managers position with a large corporation.  I did not accept the position.  Instead I kept my committment that I made with God when I was 8 years old. I entered the ministry and began pastoring two rural churches in Marion County, Kentucky for an annual salary of $2,500.00.  I attended the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and received the Master of Divinity Degree in 1980.  I was ordained an Elder in the Conference of Ministers in 1977 and retired after 22 years of service to twelve different chuches in the Louisville area.

After retiring from the ministry I built one of the largest weight loss companies using a program I developed during my spare time when I was a minister.  Most of our clients were referred by physicians.  Several thousand clients participated in this individual program.  It was also taught to many employees and executives at major corporations in Louisville, KY.

Later I developed dietary supplements that could benefit my clients.  I developed a diet weight loss system which included a dietary supplement that assisted the body in losing weight.  This became a huge success and millions of capsules were sold along with the weight loss system.

After being retired for several years I decided to do something I always wanted to do.  My daughter and I started Hikes Point News.

I began my professional life as a salesman and it would seem to some that I will end my life as a salesman.  But, I have never seen it that way.  I consider myself a minister and a businessman who has learned how to use the skill of selling to advance my goals as a minister and also my goals for each of my businesses.  I have always enjoyed success as a minister and as a businessman.

ASCENSION is the newest and most amazing product I have ever developed.  With the help of a team of committed people, we plan to sell one million bottles of ASCENSION in the next five years.  I also hope to help hundreds of people create the income they need to provide a better living for themselves and their families.








John Rodgers Art

Hikes Point News Is A Regional Magazine

Hikes Point News USA produces dietary supplements like the new advanced joint supplement ASCENSION.  It publishes Hikes Point News and also publishes magazines for different industries plus LifeStory books for individuals and groups. 

The local office of Hikes Point News is located in an unincorporated retail district in Louisville, Kentucky known as Hikes Point. 

Hikes Point News makes an extra effort to help promote the businesses in this area of Louisville in addition to the other businesses in our distribution area.

The magazine is named HIkes Point News because, the owners like the name and the business originates from the Hikes Point area of Louisville, Kentucky.  The Hikes Point News magazine is celebrating it's 5th year of successful business.

The lifestyle magazine covers all of Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky, plus southern Indiana and the counties surrounding Louisville, Kentucky which include Bardstown, Elizabethtown, Mt Washington, Sheperdsville, LaGrange, Crestwood, Shelbyville, Henryville, Taylorsville, Fisherville and Finchville. 

Hikes Point News is a quarterly magazine. 20,000 copies are printed each quarter.  Copies can be picked up for free at 41 different Kroger stores and 200 other locations.






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Support your health and support Hikes Point News. Order ASCENSION Joint Supplement at 502-296-5688

John Rodgers is the publisher of Hikes Point News and creator o f ASCENSION. Through Hikes Point News he promotes the Hikes Point community as a top area in Louisville, KY.  Young and old alike benefit from his creation of the new advanced joint supplement ASCENSION
Mr. Rodgers is also a writer, graphic artist and photogarpaher.  He creates most of the magazine covers for Hikes Point News and takes most of the photos.  He writes Life Story books and is an origianl painter of art.  In the 80's he owned the largest art publishing company in Louisville, KY and used his art to raise funds for important charities.  You can view one of his art pieces on this page entitled Light Blessings.